We are Non-profit Organization Working with PWDs alongside Vulnerable and Street Children in Uganda to enhance inclusion. We are Transferring lives of Persons With Disabilities into a better world.

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Our Mission, Mission and Goal

The mission

To dignify all persons with disabilities. 

The Vision

Transferring lives of PWDs into a better world

Your Gifts

Help transform the lives of people who are living with disabilities

Appreciating hard work done by Mr. Siegbert Garisch

People who work tirelessly by sharing their knowledge and skills to change other people’s lives positively deserve to be appreciating.

A wheelchair to Junior

Junior from Omwirashaniro village , Buhara subcounty, Kabale District who has been walking on his knees for the last 15 years.

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Ankunda Junior - 14yr Old

He is 14 years from Kacuro village, Kyanamira sub-county. Being the first born, his sickness cost them a lot of money and they sold almost what they had to bring his life back to normal which was not possible.

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Turinawe Joseph - 17yr Old

The First Born In The Family Of Three Children. His Mother Says He Was Born Normal But Later Started Suffering From Epilepsy That Caused Him Very Many Injuries And Resulted Him Into Using A Pair Of Crutches..

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Isaac Mugerwa - 7yr Old

At 8 Months he suffered from Cerebral Malaria, Shortly after that they operated him Hernia. He can’t walk, talk, and understand little with low appetite for food.

Easter Outreach

Indeed a smile was put! Thanks team for your genuine support towards our Easter outreach! Well represented !

At Kikungiri rehabilitation center in Kabale.. we visited their home in our Easter outreach

The Founder giving out sanitary pads to mother of Moreen in Easter outreach

Your gift will help transform the lives of people who are living with disabilities

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What we Do

We work hand in hand to break down barriers that deny Disabled people their basic rights.

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Team Work

DSW team moves long distance to deliver to Persons With disabilities who are unable to live their homes

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Supporting PWDs

We climb hills and mountains of Kabale to deliver to our PWDs who are unable to move


With your contribution, we can provide vital support to more people with disabilities and help them face the future with confidence.