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Antorine Treasure’s Story

Antorine Treasure is 5 years from Butobere Kabale municipality. She was born with normal skin color but later at 6 months it started changing.  When her skin color started changing, her Father left them in the house and denied her as his child.  Her mother Ronah says she doesn’t know the cause of that.  Treasure […]

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Patrick’s Story

Tayebwa Patrick 20 years stays in Butale Kitumba subcounty . He is a double orphan who stays with his grandmother. Busingye Provia his grandmother says Patrick got accident at 5 years while going at school and since then, his lower parts of the body were damaged. He cannot stand, walk, take himself to the toilet […]

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Agaba Edson’s Story

Agaba Edson 15 years was born normal. They later after like 1 year realized he couldn’t hear and talk.  He has not in school before since they don’t have a nearby school for Deaf and the family cannot afford to take him to far districts like Masaka and Wakiso where there are schools for Deaf. […]

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Bernard from Mwanjari

Akankwasa Bernard is 36 years old from Mwanjari, Kabale Municipality, and Kabale District. He is a double orphan who was born normal but at his early growth and development, they realized he was not functioning well like any other normal child. His Mother died when he was too young and his father married another woman […]

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Turinawe Joseph’s Story

Turinawe Joseph 17 years from Rwakashande village, Kyanamira subcounty is the first born in the family of three children. His mother says he was born normal but later started suffering from Epilepsy that caused him very many injuries and resulted him into using a pair of crutches. He can’t do any work at home, cant […]

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Alex Aharikundira’s Story

He is aged 14 years old and is from Kacuro village, Kabale district  South Western Uganda with Visual Impairment. We got to know about his disability early this year (2020) when our Organization (Disability Sign World) was making a survey in different communities in Kabale district to identify Children With Disabilities (CWD) and their challenges. […]

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Ankunda’s Story

Ankunda Junior is 14 years from Kacuro village, Kyanamira sub-county. He was born normal like any other child, afew days after birth fell sick and was put on Oxygen for one month until he got some improvement. They were discharged from the hospital and went home to continue with recommended medication from the hospital. Being […]

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Charity works In Kabale

Through our charity works In Kabale District, DSW team moves long distance to deliver items to Persons With disabilities who are unable to live their homes due to the nature of their disabilities. We climb hills and mountains, move in muddy foot paths but finally reach out to our beneficiaries. It’s quite challenging when it […]

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