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We have 4. hey are:

  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Human dignity
  • Social justice and Inclusiveness
  • Intergrity

To reduce on social exclusion of PWDs to achieve intergration in the main stream development programs.


  • Lobbying and Advocacy on the Human Rights of PWDs to be implemented in the development programs
  • Fighting marginalization to bridge the gap between PWDs and the society from being excluded.
  • Promoting Quality inclusive Education through provision of scholastic materials and scholarships
  • Sports for PWDs to raise their self-esteem, pride, confidence and identification of talents.
  • Women empowerment and livelihood, this calls for joint support and effort from different stake holders to uplift PWDs from poverty levels and include them in economic development programs.
  • Strengthening partnership with other stakeholders to uplift the lives of PWDs.
  • Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR). DSW uses this approach to take its services closer to the community. This has eased implementation on the running projects and activities.
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