What We Do - Disability Sign World

DSW works with people with all forms of disabilities in Uganda.

We partner with some organizations, Human Rights institutions, Government and the local communities. We also work hand in hand to break down barriers that deny Disabled people their basic rights.

The Objectives of Disability Sign World

  • To reduce on social exclusion of PWDs to achieve integration in the main stream development programs.
  • To advocate for the full rights of PWDs in a unified voice of improved livelihoods.
  • To lobby for provision of Educational opportunities and facilities for PWDs and to encourage them to attend school, further studies, vocational training, refresher courses, seminars and other educative opportunities.
  • To strengthen partnership with other stakeholders in development for purposes of information sharing, leverage of resources and network.

Core Values

Director’ message

What We Do

DSW works with people with all forms of disabilities in Uganda.

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