One on one

One on one with family members of pwds helps to dig deep the situation and challenges faced by these people and how they overcome them.

If you’re not playing it right,

you are not working with the right team. We are determined to change lives of pwds.

Meeting up with district and other

leaders that share the same interest for persons with disabilities.

Supporting or working with pwds

This process is not a one day initiative, it needs some one who is passionate about what they are doing and with a positive mind.

What residents need to know about PWDs

Discrimination arising from disability’ is where a person treats a disabled person unfavorably “because of something arising in consequence of” the disability. We still need to understand more about living with PWDs.

Living with a disability.

The needs of disabled individuals may fluctuate throughout their lifespan and may involve emotional, social, and financial issues.

Direct or indirect partnership with other stake holders

that are in position to support and improve lives of Persons with Disabilities is a great contribution towards the growth and development of our communities. It was great sharing and working with Staff from Kabale Hospitality Orthopedic department.


At Kikungiri Ceter of the Disabled in Kabale Municipality

It accommodates over 30 PWDs. We shared a lot with them among which included; Lack of participation of PWDs in public forums consequently results into becoming invisible. This has resulted into high poverty levels and as a result PWDs have not fully benefited from many development & humanitarian response programmer. It needs collective efforts to Transfer lives of Persons With Disabilities into a better world.

Diversity and inclusion

are about giving value to every human being no matter our differences.